Uphold Democracy! Uphold Federalism in India! YTM statement on J & K Situation

Uphold Democracy! Uphold Federalism in India!
Young Tamil Nadu Movement condemns the unconstitutional act of scrapping article 370 and abolishing the statehood of Jammu and Kashmir. Uphold Democracy! Uphold Federalism in India!
With the majority by their side in the Loksabha, Narendra Modi led Bharatiya Janata Party have already shown the country what they are capable of. This Government has used it’s majority for shouting the Hindutva slogans in the house and to pass the oppressive bills in both houses of the Parliament without considering the thoughts from opposition parties.

Mr.Narendra Modi had just started his second term as a Prime minister of India with his long time friend
Mr. Amit Shah being Union Home Minister. We are certain that BJP couldn’t replicate anything which had been flamboyantly exaggerated as “Gujarat Model” but Modi being the Chief and Amit Shah as his head commander. This duo who held the same authoritative position in the Gujarat state during the 2002 Gujarat riots sending the red alarms throughout the country.

Ideologically BJP driven by RSS always had a stand against the people of ethnic nationalities in the country. RSS, the ideological father of BJP never considered the rights of the ethnic nationalities, religious minorities and oppressed castes. Articles 35(A) and 370 have always fixed the eyes of right extremists on Kashmir and its people.

Considering the brutal majority in the Parliament and the stern “Chief & Commander’ duo occupying the highly authorized posts, Kashmir people are under State Repression deploying more armed forces in Jammu & Kashmir. The news coming out from the Kashmir Valley for the past few days are alarming and nobody is sure what they are leading the country into.

Deploying the troops, taking the Kashmir state political leaders into house arrest, bringing the curfew, bifurcation of the state is definitely not giving the Democratic picture usually for what Government of India claims. When I was in the middle of writing this statement, the bill has been passed in the Parliament to revoke the Article 370 & 35 (A) and the bill has also been passed to govern the Jammu & Kashmir as a Union territory with Ladakh being a separate Union Territory.

In our opinion, any bill or mandate against the interest of the People of Kashmir is against the law of natural justice. It is a non-removable stain on the Republic of India to lock down the people of the land and making the law to which they should abode.

Special status to Jammu & Kashmir through article 370 is the guarantee/trust given by the Indian Government to the Kashmiris that India would not snatch their home land.

India should allow the Plebiscite to be conducted in Jammu & Kashmir under the monitoring of Internationally recognized body to attain the political rights, sovereignty and right to self determination.

We, Tamils always opposed the acts which centralizes the power in the hands of Delhi. Let it be the Hindi Imposition‌, GST, NEET Medical Entrance concerning the future of Tamil Nadu and with the same spirit we oppose this bill against the interests of the People of Kashmir.

Young Tamil Nadu Movement demands the Government of India,

To retain the Articles 370 & 35 (A).
To release the political leaders under house arrest.
To remove the curfew under Section 144.
To evacuate the Armed forces
To conduct Plebiscite with immediate effect to know the interests of the People of Kashmir.

We would request all the Democratic forces to join hands in opposing the draconian bill which kills the Democracy and Federalism in the country.

“People should Awake and Arise!”.

Coordinators Committee
Young Tamil Nadu Movement
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